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Widely use of LED building curtain wall cases in the world


Konlison is specialized in transparent screen, LED light pole display screen , screen article LED lights display, LED display screen, LED glass screen, LED mesh screen production, research and development, customized business.

LED glass screen is widely used in various places of business, especially suitable for use in shopping malls, airports, stores, exhibition, high-speed and other high-end places. It is beautiful and easy.

Transparent LED glass screen is also called LED screen, LED glass curtain wall screen, LED display screen, which is the research and development new products based on the traditional LED display.It consists of article lamp assembly. As a new advertising media,it is widely used in glass curtain wall, shop Windows ect. with high transparency, good heat dissipation performance and light weight. It becomes a highlight of  new led display for multimedia advertising media in our modern city.