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Company Introduction

about us

Shenzhen Konlison Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in July,2004 . Adhering to the "people-centered , honesty and integrity , rigorous and efficient , realistic and innovative " as our business ideas. Konlison has provided customers with full-direction SMT patches and PCBA proofing, DIP plug-ins, welding, testing, as-sembly and other processing business . And it is engaged in the LED display product research and develo-pment, production,sales and engineering support services . Now it is equipped with 8 international advan-ced SMT production lines, 4 welding lines, 4 DIP plug-in lines, 4 computer control test equipments and a-ssembly production lines, more than 300 employees, to provide customers with high quality electronics manufacturing services. In order to enhance the comprehensive competition of company and speed up company's development, at the end of 2011,Konlison completed a whole moving expansion plan from  original several points decentr-alized management to move to a completed supporting facilities, safe and comfortable environment modern industrial park - Kang Lisheng industrial park. It makes the company overall strength and pushes to a new level, the EMS company service scope is widely,and gets a more comprehensive service ability.